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This page is a general information page that will be updated from time to time with various updates about Council activities.
Rodney's Pillar
As some of you know repairs are required to this local monument and the Community Council are represented on the steering group. 
The Council’s most recent audited Annual Accounts 2019 -2020 can be seen here: Download PDF
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Shropshire Flooding Prevention
On Monday 7th September 2020, Shropshire County Council cabinet met to discuss a proposal for a Shropshire flood prevention scheme linked to a Northern Ring Road. The details can be found here:
The proposal involves holding back the water, potentially as far as the Melverley/Pentre area, but with no mention of potential impacts over the border into Powys and specifically Bausley / Criggion / Crew Green.  County Councillor Lucy Roberts has made contact with NRW, Craig Williams Office, Russell George’s Office, Powys County Council and also with Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Natural England as both organisation's are part of the partnership, and finally with Mark Barrow who is the Responsible Officer for the project within the County Council. 
It appears that the Government has made a significant amount of money available for Flood Defence and this project is being justified mainly on the basis that it will protect homes and businesses downstream and release ground that is currently subject to flooding for development, all the way down the Severn to the Gloucester. 
It seems that the design element is in the very early stages and there is very little detail around what is actually planned and the impact it might have upstream – all that is yet to come, and NRW are adamant that they will be closely involved and that they will be ensuring that there is no detriment to us in Powys. 
There is likely to be a consultation process taking place over the autumn  and County Councillor Lucy Roberts has asked Mark Barrow to ensure that residents of the Severn Valley in Powys are involved in this. It is suggested that one mechanism to do this will be through Community Councils. It looks unlikely that we will be able to organise any public meetings so it will be really important that we find other ways of getting the message out.
For now, The Community Council wanted to make sure that you are all aware, and also that you know that our County Councillor is ‘onto it’ and we will keep you posted as we are able to glean more information.

Rodney's Pillar